App Development

Frameworks like Angular, NodeJS, and React help us build apps that runs on iOS, Android, or desktop.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Ionic Framework

Ionic allows us to save time and money by coding an app once, and deploying to both iOS and Android. It uses Angular + Apache Cordova.

AngularJS by Google

AngularJS extends the HTML vocabulary of an application. It’s extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

Apache Cordova

Cordova wraps an HTML/JavaScript app into a native container which can access the device functions of several platforms.




Brian was always well versed on current technologies and found ways to tactfully implement appropriate solutions for client business needs. - Tim Harmsen, Vice President, Quality Assurance at iCrossing

During development, Brian offered many high quality solutions to problems we faced. As a programmer he strongly adheres to best practices… - Bryce Gintoft, Principle Software Engineer, Digitas

Brian is the rare combination of creativity and order you rarely find in a one person. It is with great joy that I’m able to recommend him to the world. - Fred Straub, Senior Digital Project Manager at Publicis Groupe

He never squashed our creative process with technical limitations. In fact, he encouraged us to think bigger and always was willing to do what it took… - Hooshna Amaria, Vice President, Client Services at HDMZ

Additional Services

Interaction Design

Rendition uses Bohemian Sketch to quickly mock up high fidelity wireframes.

Rapid Prototyping

Tools like InvisionApp help to turn designs into clickable prototypes for user testing and for guiding development.


We are certified in Google Analytics Platform Principals

Web Service / API Development

We code the back-end API for our apps in Python, Node, and sometimes even the WordPress JSON API.

Cloud Deployment

Our web services are deployed to cloud environments like Google App Engine, Heroku, or Amazon Web services.

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